TMMC is a premier recycling, reuse, and disposal facility for radiologically contaminated materials. Toxco’s recycling concept for materials and equipment previously used in a radioactive environment is to identify and separate contaminated materials from non-contaminated materials. Our focus is on the reuse of non-contaminated and contaminated materials in other applications within the nuclear industry.

This screening process minimizes disposal volumes, provides opportunity for lower cost (BSFR) regulated and licensed disposal, and greatly reduces nuclear decommissioning costs. Toxco has reused and recycled millions of pounds of contaminated lead, non-ferrous metal, steel, and equipment for the DOE, commercial facilities, and educational nuclear facilities.

With our newly acquired lead melting capabilities TMMC can now manufacture and repair radiation shielding and lead containers.

Toxco’s facility operates under strict guidelines from State and Federal regulatory agencies and maintains a current Radiological Materials License in Tennessee.

Safe, Certified Screening and Reuse/Recycling for Radioactive Contaminated Materials & Metals

Volumetric Clearance and Bulk Survey of Materials for Disposal (BSFR)

Radioactive Lead Recycler

Repair of Radioactive Equipment And Waste Containers

Volume Reduction Supercompaction

Basic Ordering Agreement with the U.S. Dept. of Energy


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